Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Questionnaire For Madoff Victims Evaluating SIPC And Litigation Options - by Steven M. Katzman

  1. Who introduced you to Madoff and/or his firm?
  2. Do you know whether they received commissions or other forms of compensation?
  3. Did anyone recommend and/or evaluate these investments for you?
  4. Did anyone monitor, supervise or evaluate the performance of these investments during the time you were investing?
  5. What is the total amount of cash that you have put in? (A schedule of amounts and dates of funds invested would be even more helpful).
  6. What funds did you withdraw from your account? (A schedule of withdrawals, including dates and amounts, would be even more helpful).
  7. If you invested with a brokerage firm, feeder firm or other third party, rather than directly with Madoff Investments, have you had any communications with them regarding your account after the Madoff Ponzi scheme was publically disclosed? If so, what were they? (If any were in writing, it would be most helpful to see them).
  8. Do you have homeowner’s insurance, a liability or umbrella policy, or other insurance which might cover a “theft” loss?

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